Detective Dept. Details

Value Drivers

The Detective Department of Asansol-Durgapur Police shall function towards creating an  environment   of safety & security for the entire population  of the twin industrial, multi-cultural sub-divisions comprising of Asansol and Durgapur, by Preventing  & Detecting crime through the mission  as follows:-

(i) To emerge as a truly comprehensive service provider.

(ii) Strive to achieve excellence.

(iii) To build Team D.D. with a set of efficient pool of officers and men who shall be committed to the value drivers of the Detective Department, ADPC.

Organization Set-UP

The Detective Department shall be headed by one officer of the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police  and two officers of the rank of Assistant commissioner of Police and they will be assisted by an efficient pool of officers, including Inspectors, Sub-Inspectors, Asst. Sub-Inspectors and constables.

The Detective Department will consist of the following two major units:-

(A) Investigative Unit

(B) Supportive Unit

The support Unit shall again be divided under two broad heads:-

(A) Special Supportive Unit

(B) Administrative Unit

A) Investigative Units

The investigative Unit will consist of the following sections:-

1 ) Anti- Homicide section

2 ) Anti- Dacoity & Robbery Section

3 ) Anti- Burglary & Snatching Section

4 ) Anti- Theft Section

5 ) Anti- Motor Theft Section

6 ) Anti- Kidnapping Section

7 ) Anti- Terrorist Section

8 ) Anti- Human Trafficking

9 ) Missing Persons  Bureau

10) Anti- Narcotic Section

11) Anti- Cyber Crime Section

12) Anti- Cheating & Fraud  (including Bank Fraud) & Currency Forgery Section

13) Anti – Antique Theft Section

14) Wild Life protection and environment Section

15) Watch  & Other offences Section

B) Support Unit:-

The Supportive Units shall consist of:-

a ) Special  Unit.

b ) Administrative Unit.

Special  Units

These  units will consist of the following sections:-

1 ) Crime and criminal Record Section

2 ) Co-ordination Section

a ) Intra – State co-ordination Cell

b ) Inter-State Co-ordination Cell

3 ) Scientific Section

a ) Finger Print Cell

b ) Foot Print Cell

c ) Portrait Parley Cell

d ) Video  and Photography Cell

4 ) Mobile Monitoring  and Interception Cell

5 ) Policy Making & Review Section.

6 ) Legal Cell-

a ) Legal Assistance Cell

b ) The investigation and trial monitoring cell.

7 ) Bomb Disposal Squad

8 ) K9 Squad.

Administrative Unit

This unit shall consist of the following sections:-

1 ) Reference Section

2 ) Training section

3 ) Civic Action & Awareness Campaign Section

4 ) Library and Press

5 ) Publication of Magazine and Gazette Section

Public Relation office

Information of public interest in respect of incidents arrest, raids, seizure, recoveries shall be passed on to the Press, electronic media, Radio and other Media agencies. The deputy commissioner of Police, DD or in his absence A.C.P, DD, shall issue daily press brief and shall publish such information in the official website ADPC.